The Energyst Event brings a much needed focus solely on energy, spanning efficiency, cost avoidance, revenue opportunities and effective procurement strategies. Learn how to mitigate non-commodity cost increases, out into effect time-of-use strategies, manage volatility, buy energy effectively and crucially reduce your consumption.

The energy industry can seem overly complicated and cryptic to the uninitiated, however, by breaking down the complexity to manageable and understandable tasks effective management of energy and water costs is not only possible but straightforward to implement.

Wholesale costs are likely to increase significantly, driven by volatility both within short and long term markets, and by swings in Sterling from Brexit. At the same time, non-commodity elements of the power bill have overtaken wholesale cost for the first time in history.

Mitigating these costs is essential for many businesses and desirable for all. Peak cost avoidance or load shifting can deliver electricity bill savings of around 15%, provided organisations can actually restructure operations. Energy efficiency will always deliver the best outcomes but how do you get the board approval and the finance in place if needed? On-site generation, demand-side response and battery storage act as further opportunities for revenue generation. The deregulation of the water market in England provides potential further opportunities for savings from consolidated billing and water efficiency.

The Energyst magazine has developed it reputation around incisive, timely updates in print, online and through market intelligence reports. The event will continue its aim to keep the modern energy professional informed of the latest legislation and policy, alongside analysis of the trends and technologies of an industry that is becoming ever more recognised for its contribution to the health of the UK economy.

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