Mr Rob Williams

General manager, procurement, BT and energy management training tutor, Energy Institute

BT/Energy Institute


Rob Williams manages the procurement of BT’s utilities and power and cooling equipment. BT as one of the top 10 energy consumers in the UK spends over £300m every year to keep the networks powered up across the globe. Also managing the buying of generators, rectifiers, batteries and low energy cooling systems to keep the network on.

Williams believes that one of the key challenges working in procurement is to look at reducing cost and managing risks associated with suppliers. “Brexit has already caused price jumps due to the drop in value of the pound. We have a lot of global suppliers and we will have to work closely with them to understand how imports will be affected as Brexit takes shape to minimise any impacts on BT.”

BT as a founding member of RE100, a group of global companies who have committed to be 100% renewable globally by 2020, with Williams responsible for reducing BT’s carbon footprint further through the use of renewable sources.

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