icon Unconference – the official ‘fringe’ event

                                                                                                           Workshops, Talks and Ways to Connect

The icon Unconference will provide an eclectic programme of entertaining and enlightening content. This space for energy and water management and procurement leaders provides a platform for upbeat, frank and open discussion on the latest demand-side developments

 Within the context of utilities management, no topic is off-limits.

 The layout of the theatre, the seating arrangements and the hosting style will all be carefully curated to encourage maximum participation and audience engagement. We are here to ignite passion back into utilities education.

With market insecurity, socio-political factors and rapid technological development strongly impacting businesses, this theatre addresses energy managers’ and buyers’ primary concerns through keynote TED-style talks, targeted workshops, plenty of debates and top-level discussion.

Day 1 – icon Unconference – the official ‘fringe’ event

08:45 – 09:15

Breakfast Workshop: How to read an energy bill

There are over 20 separately calculated elements that make up our electricity costs. As the sector changes and new charges are introduced, our energy bills – particularly electricity – are getting complicated. We all benefit from an occasional quick reminder of what each of these charges are and how to control them. 

Leave the ego at the door and get back to basics as ICON and TGP take you through an energy bill, one line at a time.

Session chair

Theatre : Utilities Junction

09:30 – 10:15

Open Water, two years on: the regulator’s retrospective

Two years on from opening the biggest competitive retail water market in the world, the teething problems should be out the way and the market operating effectively. But how is it really going? 

Dan Mason, Ofwat’s Director of Market Outcomes, will reflect on: What we’ve learned, What it has meant for customers and what the priorities are for the regulator (and the market) in the PR19 period.

Theatre : Utilities Junction

10:45 – 11:30

Calculating Returns on Investment for Energy Efficiency

Building better business cases for energy efficiency projects is essential to get them funded, whether the funds are coming internally through your CFO, or externally. Business cases need to provide confidence in the results, count all the non-energy benefits and consider all the risks.    

Join Dr. Steve Fawkes, founder of EnergyPro as we look at how to use the latest tools like the Investor Confidence Project Protocols and the EEFIG Underwriting Toolkit to build winning business cases.


Theatre : Utilities Junction

12:15 – 12:45

This house believes that we don’t need an energy broker

We love a lively debate. And this session promises to get the jeers and the cheers from all sides of the industry.  Come and join in as ICON take on Inspired. The industry’s leading business consumer representative against the industry’s biggest procurement consultancy. Grab a space at the front or heckle from the backbenches and don’t forget to vote “Aye” for the most convincing speaker.


Theatre : Utilities Junction

13:00 – 13:45

Demystifying DSR

Load management is crucial to the success of any energy management strategy but what’s it all about? Do you know your FFRs from your DSRs? Can you talk with confidence about TERRE? Does Balancing Mechanism mean more than having a cake in both hands? Wayne Muncaster, Managing Director at GridBeyond gets rib of the job-eldigook and helps open our eyes to the opportunities in energy optimisation.


Theatre : Utilities Junction

14:30 – 14.35

DSR or Data?

National Grid is keen to promote demand-side load management as an alternative to investing in new generation and a reinforced network infrastructure, but is this really the best approach? Whilst some customers benefit hugely from DSR, for many others this approach is not the answer.

Using data to look at manufacturing processes or operational runtimes allow us to analyse opportunities to take targeted action on overall energy consumption, optimising the way we buy and manage power, helping businesses to cut our energy bills for good.


Theatre : Utilities Junction

Day 2 – icon Fringe Conference

09:30 – 10:15

From tick box to toolbox – Does energy reporting really deliver carbon savings?

Energy reporting is in the spotlight in 2019, with the ESOS Phase 2 deadline looming and SECR introducing new requirements to thousands of organisations. New research by Inenco, the Energy Institute & Energyst has found 39% of businesses did not act on ESOS Phase 1 recommendations and over half are yet to commence ESOS audits – is energy reporting driving cost and carbon savings in UK plc? How can businesses maximise value from the insight these reportings provide and turn schemes from box-ticking exercises to opportunity?


Theatre : Utilities Junction

10:30 – 11:15

Calculating Sustainability

2018 was a good year for sustainability: after years of being a nice to have, issues like waste reduction and plastic reuse hit the headlines with a vengeance.

Steve Malkin – CEO, The Planet Mark will lead a workshop on how to calculate sustainability metrics.


Theatre : Utilities Junction

11:40 – 12:20

The Significance of Significant Code Reviews

Nearly half-way through 2019 and the two major SCRs on Targeted Charges and Network Access Charges are well underway.

We’ve seen the first few appraisals of proposed changes. But what does this mean and what do people think?

Theatre : Utilities Junction

12:45 – 13.20

How safe is your water supply?

We often talk about planning to prevent the lights going off but what would you do if the water went off?

This session looks at the grey area between water utility policy, operator codes and consumer responsibilty to arrange our own contingency plans. We prepare for service loss in other utilities but in this most valuable resource of all, whose job is it to make sure our supply is uninterruptible?

Pay close attention as we talk through a practical understanding of our responsibility, as non-household water consumers, to plan for the worst.


Theatre : Utilities Junction

14:00 – 14:45

The SDGs and Me

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for corporate sustainability but how easy is it to embed these into a company culture? And are they really applicable to everyone?

Hear from peers who have done just that – why did they take on the SDGs, how easy was it, and what advice can they give to others?

Theatre : Utilities Junction