Exhibitor Profile

ZTP is a strategic energy software and management consultancy based in London and Canterbury. Founded in 2012, ZTP brings together in-house expertise and the latest industry and technological innovations to deliver integrated systems and solutions for better energy management and procurement to significantly enhance the way multi-site businesses and organisations manage energy as well as maximising savings on energy use and costs.

ZTP launched Kiveev, a revolutionary platform in March 2019. Kiveev has been designed to digitalise the procurement and management of flex power and gas contracts, enabling users to oversee their trades, strategies, budgets, consumption forecasts, and risk profiles like never before

ZTP spotted a gap in the market whereby many domestic and international multi-site businesses buying high volumes of energy on flexible/monthly contracts, had no system in place to monitor and forecast their energy usage, analyse current market prices, forecast future prices or build in accurate risk calculations. Kiveev has been designed specifically to address this issue.