Open Energy Market

Exhibitor Profile

Open Energy Market is the fast-growing energy consultant that fuses industry expertise with a ground-breaking automated platform.
We were established five years ago to answer a question: Why can't businesses see the real cost of energy before they sign their energy contract? From that question, we’ve developed a new way for companies to buy energy. A platform that’s been developed by industry experts and stakeholders to meet the needs of energy managers and buyers.
It provides greater insight into a company’s portfolio, with automatic forecasting up to three years in advance, and instant cost reporting sat next to market data. Our users head to market confident of their position and that their requirements are ready and set for our system’s unique auction.
We’ve tackled the industry’s inefficiencies by establishing a procurement process that puts buyers and suppliers on a level playing field. Where the procurement window is shorter and can be viewed in real-time. Where buyers have sight of fully delivered costs before signing with a supplier.
The time that’s saved can be put towards building better and longer-lasting energy strategies - and our automated platform is backed by a team of energy specialists ready to help.
Come and see us to learn more about our unique Performance strategy: the new shared-saving way to buy energy flexibly, with a trading method that has outperformed the market for two years. Learn how our energy specialists help customers navigate changes in compliance as well as benefit from new platform innovations. See how you can boost your CSR with access to renewable energy and our special environmental partnerships.
We’ve been built to change energy management and buying. We look forward to showing you why growing number of companies trust Open Energy Market.