iDaCs Soultions Ltd

Exhibitor Profile

iDAC Solutions (iDACS) is your collaborative partner for smart building transformation.
We work with technology experts to deliver intelligent building systems that help to create sustainable workplaces; which are more energy efficient, more productive and more profitable.

Our managed EV charging solution is based on a flat cabling infrastructure; and is designed to offer unique benefits over traditional electrical cabling i.e. up to 80% savings in comparative installation material costs and simple scalability for future additions. It is ideal for landlords looking to add additional billable services, or for companies looking to attract new staff or tenants

We also supply flicker-free smart lighting from IST, which promotes well-being in the workplace and subsequently improved productivity and increased profits.
The innovative lighting system works by mimicking natural daylight patterns; enabling employees to work more comfortably and for longer stretches without fatigue. Smart lighting can also be used to reduce energy consumption (and costs) – with sensors monitoring activity and switching off lights in areas that aren’t in use.

The IM&M suite of smart building software is another smart technology in our portfolio. These interoperable software tools are designed to improve productivity and maximise efficiencies across the workplace. There are modules that solve several recurrent and common problems in business; Occupancy, Device & Asset Management and Energy & Environment Management. They are fully compliant with current data security trends and demands and have been optimised to suit all types of devices to make the solution truly portable and easy to use.

The foundation of a smart PoE network is the cabling infrastructure that supports it. iDACS has partnered with Swiss cabling experts, Datwyler, since 1983. Together, we supply superior quality products that offer performance beyond the standards; providing a stronger platform for your smart building technologies - now and in the future.

Whether you’re building, refurbishing or greening, we have an innovative solution to help transform your workplace into a smarter, more efficient and sustainable business.