Centrica Business Solutions

Exhibitor Profile

Centrica Business Solutions - Powering our customers’ ambitions
We understand the power of power. In a changing energy landscape, Centrica Business Solutions are helping our customers unlock the power of power to realise their ambitions.
• Powering Performance: Enhance business value and efficiency
• Powering Resilience: Keep your business on 24/7
• Powering the Future: Drive your business vision forward

What we offer
We build intelligent, end-to-end energy solutions to power performance, resilience and growth for our customers through:
• Insight: Leveraging ‘big data’ to help customers manage energy performance across all their equipment and devices
• Optimisation: Redesigning how businesses use energy to improve operational efficiency
• Solutions: Providing power sources and systems to help customers take control of their energy supply and manage demand

For more information, please call +44 208 191 7126 or visit: centricabusinesssolutions.com