Catalyst Commercial Services Ltd

Exhibitor Profile

We are a market leading independent energy consultancy that provides energy procurement, sustainability and environmental services. With the largest UK supplier panel and procurement solutions that match your needs, our range of solutions and services are designed to make the selection and management of your business energy contracts as easy as possible. Not only can we drive a lower unit rate, we show you ways that you need fewer units in the first instance. We do this by auditing your energy usage, and recommending how you can be more energy efficient, by reviewing your current monthly energy spend, we agree the percentage of savings needed to prove viability on any given energy saving project.
Since making the initial investment can be a barrier for some, we help by offering financial as well as energy saving solutions. This means you can put in place energy efficiency measures without any upfront capital investment. For the initial period, the financing is structured such, that any capital costs are offset against reductions in utility bills, whilst still returning a monthly saving back to the business, after which you reap the full financial benefit. Put simply you have unlimited access to leading multidisciplinary consultants and engineers, with solutions repaid from the savings you make – so you have no upfront costs.