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Pioneers in combustion technology, Autoflame help clients all over the world reduce both their costs and the emissions from their existing boiler plant.
Constantly monitoring emissions to dynamically modulate the combustion process can bring reductions of as much as 15-20%. The fuel savings make for impressively short payback times so the business case is as compelling as the environmental one.
Autoflame systems are precision engineered in the UK, installed and supported worldwide, a truly international British manufacturer.
Come and chat with us to see if we could help achieve fast benefits to your bottom line and immediate benefits to the environment.
· Low NOx solutions with guaranteed efficiency
· Boiler, burner and control system upgrades
· Retro fitting to existing burners/boilers
· UK wide boiler room services (all types of plant)
· Training for boiler operators and managers
· Consulting on emissions, efficiency and compliance
· Retro fit constant emissions monitoring for all combustion plant (including CHP)

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